Arbor Care Tree Services has provided a professional and friendly tree work service for many years. Our tree surgeons specialise in all areas of tree work and woodland management including:

We are hard working and maintain the highest quality of service throughout every project we undertake. We are fully insured and most importantly we are N.P.T.C. Qualified.

All our work is carried out to the British Standard BS3998: Recommendations for tree work. We also comply with BS 5837: Trees in relation to construction.

All our operators are fully qualified and regularly undertake further training to meet the changing needs and standards for tree care.

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Tree Removal (Tree Dismantling or Tree Felling)

Trees are removed for a variety of reasons. Dead trees can become dangerous over a period of time and people have a duty of care to ensure dead trees do not present a danger to property or the public. Trees can also be planted in inappropriate positions or be the wrong species for the surrounding environment. Trees are often sold or planted without any consideration for the potential size, shape or speed that it can grow. Typical examples are coniferous and Eucalyptus trees, purchased in the 1980’s with no forethought for their potential.

Trees can be removed in different ways. The simplest method is to straight fell the tree however this requires adequate space in order to do so. Depending on the size, shape and lean of the tree, different methods of straight felling are used. This includes ‘Straight Felling’, ‘Split Level’ and ‘Dog Tooth’. These operations require the arborist to be qualified with the correct NPTC modules depending on the size of the tree. Once the tree is felled, it is then cut to suitable sizes by a method known as ‘snedding’.

In the urban environment it is more common that trees need to be dismantled in sections in a safe and methodical manner. On larger trees rigging techniques are used to lower large sections of the tree into a target area, protecting property surrounding the tree. In extreme cases HIABS and cranes are the safest method to employ. All equipment used complies with LOLER and PUWER, to ensure it is in good working order and appropriate for the task.

Prior to the removal of a tree, checks should be made with local authorities to ensure the tree is not protected by Tree Preservation Orders or falls within a Conservation Area. Arbor Care Tree Services can make these enquiries on your behalf to check tree removal is an option and submit planning applications if necessary. Failure to do these important checks on your tree may result in a fine from the local authorities of up to £20,000 and replacement of the tree in mitigation of its loss.

Arbor Care Tree Services are fully competent and qualified to carry out these operations and are covered by £5million Public Liability insurance. We are also approved contractors with many local authorities and references can be supplied from these on request.

In some instances insurance companies may insist on the removal of a tree citing it as the cause of damage to property. Arbor Care Tree Services provide surveys and reports for mortgage and insurance purposes, and can make recommendations which may save the demise of a tree.

The tree is felled or dismantled to ground level and the resulting stump is poisoned or removed mechanically using a stump grinder. Please refer to our Stump Removal page for more information.

Arbor Care Tree Services also offers a tree planting service and can advise on suitable species of trees appropriate for the environment in which it is situated.