Arbor Care Tree Services has provided a professional and friendly tree work service for many years. Our tree surgeons specialise in all areas of tree work and woodland management including:

We are hard working and maintain the highest quality of service throughout every project we undertake. We are fully insured and most importantly we are N.P.T.C. Qualified.

All our work is carried out to the British Standard BS3998: Recommendations for tree work. We also comply with BS 5837: Trees in relation to construction.

All our operators are fully qualified and regularly undertake further training to meet the changing needs and standards for tree care.

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Tree Stump Removal (Stump Grinding)

Following the removal of a tree, the resulting stump can present a problem. Stumps can be poisoned preventing any regrowth or removed mechanically using a stump grinder. Depending on the size or position of the tree stump, it may be necessary to ‘grub out’ the tree roots by hand excavation. This method is restricted to smaller tree stumps and is labour intensive.

Reasons for tree stump removal or tree stump grinding may be to prevent regrowth, provide space for replanting or to position buildings, fencing or other structures. Mechanical extraction with the use of diggers is not advised due to the disruption that can be caused to the surroundings. The complex tree root system generally grows to the drip line or edge of the tree crown with smaller fibrous roots extending much further. Extraction of these roots without being severed from the root ball can easily cause damage to patios, walls and structures or even interfere with the root systems of neighbouring trees.

Arbor Care Tree Services have a number of different machines capable of removing tree stumps of any size in any situation. Large machines are employed where space allows, however smaller machines are required in certain locations due to restricted access.

Tree stump cutting or grinding is carried out with a stump grinding machine which consists of a power driven vertical cutting wheel to which especially hardened teeth are fitted. The machine in most cases removes the tree stump to approximately 6 - 9 inches below ground level. If necessary, the depth can be increased by altering the ground levels on which the machine sits. The main root ball is removed leaving lateral tree roots in the surrounding ground. Lateral tree roots can be removed if requested and agreed prior to works being carried out and will incur additional costs. In most cases it is not necessary to remove the lateral tree roots, and although the prevention of regrowth cannot be fully guaranteed, it is very unlikely to occur from the trees root stock.

The arisings from tree stump grinding operations are generally left on site, proud of the normal ground level. The ground from which the stump was removed will then settle over time and any excess can be recycled for use as mulch in other areas. For larger tree stumps, arisings can be removed and disposed of responsibly by agreement prior to works being carried out.